A Consultant’s Consultant Creates Action Plan Marketing Club For Self-Employed Professionals

Robert Middleton, a consultant’s consultant since 1984 and creator of the Action Plan Marketing for Professionals, has now created the Action Plan Marketing Club. He launched it just three weeks ago. You might want to see what the Club is all about – Joint in if it meets your needs! THE ACTION PLAN MARKETING CLUB is a forum specially designed for professionals, particularly self-employed professionals who, as most of us in the practice, from time to time have to struggle to get engagements consistently. Go to my website given at the end of this Blog and follow the text links to the Action Plan Marketing Club. The first thing you’ll discover is that when Robert Middleton started out he went through similar experiences as most of us had in trying to start our practice and to market our own professional services. I know it only too well even today – marketing my affiliate marketing strategy in the Web is no cake walk! As you may have found out – some clients actually believe professional services are something they can postpone or even performed in-house. Professionally – I don’t have to convince you how wrong that mindset is! As I say in my Affiliate Web Site Marketing That Works, I’ve been 50+ years in the advice and counsel business, helping business persons, entrepreneurs and professionals create and develop new businesses. So before I accepted Bob Middleton’s Action Plan Marketing and now the Club for review and showcase in my Affiliate Marketing Strategy, I reviewed Middleton’s entire website. I compared it with others on the Web and with books in my library. I talked to other professionals and 2 marketing persons who do sell professional services. We all concluded that Middleton took himself to task on his own unique experience. He fashioned his Action Marketing Plan to solve his very own marketing problem. When he succeeded, he then published the Plan to help us become better marketers and engage clients more consistently and effectively, without sacrificing our professional integrity. Now, from the Action Plan Marketing, Middleton has moved on to produce and market this Action Plan Marketing Club. It is easy to see that his focus on both the Action Plan and on the Club is on clearly and honestly communicating the true value of our services to the potential client, with NO HYPE! If you could sit down across the table from Bob Middleton and just ask him what you get out of the Action Plan Marketing Club – – this is what he would tell you: 1. The Fast Track Program for Independent Professionals: Each Fast Track Module contains a detailed written section on one key marketing principle along with a recorded tutorial. Each module ends with a very specific marketing assignment. It also includes some recordings of live workshops with participant interaction to give life to the marketing principles. 2. When the main modules of the Program are complete: Bob will add in-depth tutorials on specific marketing strategies, from networking and speaking to writing and publishing eZines and articles. All modules will include audio tutorials with written transcripts. 3. Of the 7, there are three modules already available on the Marketing Club web site: The Marketing Game; The Marketing Mindset and The Marketing Message. The Marketing Conversation is coming out in mid-November. The remaining three modules: The Marketing Currency; Creating Marketing Strategies; and, Your Action Plan Marketing That Works are being released one per month in the up-coming months. 4. Middleton will interview at least 1 top marketing expert on a relevant marketing topic each month: All topics will be focused on marketing principles and how-to for Independent Professionals. Middleton will cover a range of topics and strategies immediately applicable to your business. 5. These interviews will be recorded and transcribed and available online to all Marketing Club Members. …Six previous Marketing Expert Interviews will be posted for your access on the Marketing Club site. …Just as I had to eventually develop what I call “Affiliate Web Marketing That Works” for my affiliate marketing strategy – the Middleton’s Action Plan Marketing Club will help you to create your “Action Plan Marketing That Works” to get engagements more consistently and fewer struggles. NOW THAT YOU’VE SEEN WHAT THE ACTION PLAN MARKETING CLUB IS AND HOW IT CAN WORK FOR YOU – Go back to to my Affiliate Web Site Marketing That Works and follow the text links to Bob Middleton’s full range of services and tools for the self-employed professional. Check out the Case Studies. These Action Marketing Plan users and Middleton’s clients will tell you what Bob Middleton has done for them.

Modernize Your Practice to Maximize Damages: The Legal Nurse Consultant’s Role in Litigation

Gone to the barber recently for surgery? Had the blacksmith pound out something special for the horse? Taken a pair of shoes to a cobbler? If this all seems as antiquated as keeping a scrivener outside the office door, why not join savvy plaintiff’s lawyers in the 21st Century by tapping the invaluable, cost-effective capacities of medical records companies to deal with medical records and maximize potential damage awards? In injury litigation, the value of cases absolutely gets decided by critical information contained in medical and billing records of a patient turned litigant or claimant. But who reviews these medical records, how and at what cost? There’s a powerful argument to be made that current practices are unwise and unsustainable, particularly when compared with the modern, efficient option offered by medical records companies. These firms, particularly the most advanced of them, can bring together experienced legal nurse consultants, experts in billing and auditing and knowledgeable life care planners in sophisticated, demonstrable and beneficial ways for plaintiff’s counsel. In invaluable, swift fashion, these trained professionals can help attorneys receive the highest damage settlements and awards, protect those awards from legal assault and control costs by: • Accessing, organizing and analyzing medical records on a client, his current status and his claims and seeing how these all square with preexisting conditions and previous injuries. Legal nurse consultants can provide invaluable professional insight into possible outcomes for unresolved medical issues. • Providing hard-nosed, objective information so counsel can anticipate how the opposition will counterattack a case, from start to finish, and strategizing how to gain the upper hand from the onset to force resolution at a time that capitalizes damages. • Tackling difficult medical billings – an invaluable step in light of the current colloquy over so-called Hanif-Nishihama defenses. • Determining sound, defensible plans for a client’s care and calculating those costs for settlement purposes. For now, let’s start by tackling medical records and damages, setting this discussion in broad context: The winds of change are gusting through even the most august practices of the law. While litigation often increases in difficult times, most lawyers have seen business plummet as the nation undergoes one of the worst economic crashes in recent memory. The biggest firms are dismissing lawyers and cutting staff; even the billable hour, once sacrosanct for defense attorneys, sits now in clients’ cost-cutting bull’s eye. Entrepreneur-author David Galbenski describes powerfully in his recent book how the legal business is reacting fast: Smart practitioners are scrambling to analyze what they do best and how it gets them the highest return, while unbundling services and shipping out tasks to others who can take them on more efficiently. (David Galbenski, “Unbound: How Entrepreneurship Is Dramatically Transforming Legal Services Today,” 2009) For plaintiff’s attorneys, cost management has become a critical issue. Savvy practitioners are selecting cases carefully, figuring how best to pursue them, strategizing on how to attain the highest damages or knowing when to settle them for a client’s maximum benefit – and doing all this while keeping a careful eye on costs and overhead. This has meant that innovations in the practice of the law no longer are an abstract frill. They’re a must. But when it comes to medical records, old-fashioned ways still hold. Some lawyers, perhaps out of force of habit, wade through them by themselves. They put associates, paralegals or law clerks to work on them. Or they retain pricey physician experts, many of whom offer opinions only in their specialty area and without a wider perspective about a patient’s care and needs – information critical to building a case. While these professionals carry impressive credentials of their own, what’s unclear to the objective eye is what knowledge, skill and experience they bring to a specialized task – and what’s the return on the investment for their services. As author Malcolm Gladwell has pointed out, it takes a big investment of time – he estimates it to be at least 10,000 hours — to acquire expertise in a given pursuit. (Malcolm Gladwell, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” 2008, Little, Brown and Co.) After long toil to learn and to practice the law, how many counsel, much less paralegals, associates or law clerks, have sunk enough hours in to really claim mastery of matters medical? Can they accurately scrutinize and assess injury information from medical records, especially if it exceeds what a patient has discussed? In contrast, good legal nurse consultants possess impressive curriculum vitaes with extensive clinical experience and years of preparing materials for litigation. They’re comfortable with legal process. They’re intimately familiar with medical records; they know how and where to find information, what they contain and how they’re organized. They’ve cared for many, many patients, from injury onward through the medical process. Their expertise can be significant in cases from start to finish. For plaintiff’s counsel, it’s crucial from the outset and throughout a case to get a full grasp of the extent and legal value of a patient-client’s injury or harm. This key information, first and foremost, resides in medical records, which legal nurse consultants arguably are best positioned to handle. Although experience attorneys might still argue that they are capable of handling the review of medical records or need to do so in order to be properly prepped for their cases, there is a better way. Articulate, high level reviews of records by legal nurse consultants provide lawyers with the pertinent content of the medical records as well as a breath of insight and analysis pertaining to the plaintiff for the plaintiff’s attorney to digest and utilize in what they do best, which is litigate. And from a business perspective, by embracing record review companies as strategic partners in their practice, they appropriately transfer overhead costs to case related charges. Plaintiff’s attorneys can work with medical records companies to decide the depth and breadth of the scrutiny they want their legal nurse consultants to undertake, from a brief review to a full-blown analysis. A quick scan performed by an expert of the medical records early on can give a plaintiff’s attorney a crucial understanding of the potential value of a case and a way to estimate the effort needed for potential litigation or settlement. In a deeper study, legal nurse consultants can examine in detail what the records tell about a client’s pre-existing injury, harm or conditions and advise, in medical terms, how these fit together. As veteran attorneys know, clients can be forgetful or they can overlook information or incidents that wise counsels need to know, whether in litigation or if the appropriate situation arises for settlement. If there are pending or unresolved issues in a client’s records, legal nurse consultants also can offer insight into their potential medical disposition. For plaintiff’s attorneys, all this information – good, bad and ugly – provided by nurse consultants can be huge in attaining the right experts and specialists, in preparing clients and experts for deposition, knowing what opposing counsel might use to unhinge their witnesses, in planning offensive strategies to undercut defenses impact on minimizing exposure and liability, in arguing motions and or ensuring certain evidence is admissible or excluded, all ultimately leading to obtaining the maximum settlement or damage awards for a client and doing so in the most time- and cost-efficient way for all concerned. Often, of course, settlement isn’t an option; a case gets beyond billing concerns. Suddenly, plaintiff’s attorneys find themselves in pitched battle with defense counsel with damage awards very much at stake. Absent the easy, frequent access to the plaintiff that his counsel has, the defense – attorneys, insurers and corporations in risk-management roles – absolutely will launch a furious counterattack, often via medical records. And woe be to even the most experienced litigant who fails to anticipate the opposition’s strategies and overestimates an affable client’s credibility. Legal nurse consultants can give a major assist to plaintiff’s attorneys, mapping out via medical records the flaws and strengths in a damage claim and letting them see how their clients look not in flesh-and-blood fashion but via cold ink and electrons. As they scour the records, legal nurse consultants especially will see and determine the plaintiff’s preexisting conditions or prior injuries and assess whether and how these jibe with current claims. They’ll scrutinize what tests and procedures he has undergone and what kind of care and medications he’s received. The nurse consultant will piece together a picture of the claimant as patient: Was he slow to seek care? How well did he follow doctor’s orders? Did he miss appointments or fail to fill prescriptions or to follow treatment regimens? Did he forget about an old injury or existing condition? Legal nurse consultants, with their deep experience with records and care, instantly will spot important materials missing in a medical file. This capacity can both buttress a plaintiff’s case (was there negligent handling of him as evidenced by a missing report or diagnoses?) and prevent surprise defense attacks (in raising doubts about “phantom” documentation). And speaking of getting hit head on, how rattled in deposition could your client get when confronted with contradictory, unpleasant or forgotten facts extracted from his own medical records? Plaintiff’s counsel could avert this from occurring with the assist of legal nurse consultants. It goes without saying that legal nurse consultants, in all their efforts, cut through both medical and legal jargon. They present their findings in clear, organized tables and compelling narratives that can provide counsel the case foundation for a winning storyline. They’re unfazed by reams of documents, and, taking advantage of the latest technologies, they can index and organize materials so an attorney instantly can find whatever’s needed, even in the heat of a courtroom argument. As with all providers of professional services, counsel, caveat emptor: Look at the qualifications of the individuals who will do the actual work contracted for; consider the company’s capacity and record in delivering what’s needed, especially with the flexibility demanded in difficult, fast-moving and challenging litigation, whether the matters seem large or small. If the point of unbundling this duty is to find someone else to assume this task in a cost-effective, efficient way, is the handling of medical records the central concern of this business? Or is it just one more sidelight? And what kind of customer service will you get and who will you deal with to get it? Finally, of course, the price for all this expert effort must come into play. It ought to be considerably less than what might be racked up via in-house time and labor expenditures, or, certainly, what might be billed by a consulting physician or combination of medical experts. A quality company that specializes in medical records review will be open to pricing discussions for its services from beginning to end. Legal nurse consultants expect to work closely with clients to provide candor, transparency and controls on costs of their services. This adds to the growing enthusiasm for the medical records companies they’re associated with and their place in legal services, unlike, say, the reception for Bartelby, that Melvillean character, who, when confronted by new work always “would prefer not to.” Of course, this isn’t the 19th Century, scriveners are gone – and sophisticated members of the legal community are tackling 21st Century ways, with help from legal nurse consultants, to do vital work that adds up for the bottom line and contributes to maximizing damages for deserving clients.

The Training and Skills You Need to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse or RN that works as a contact between knowing medicine and understanding the law. They generally consult with attorneys and people who are involved in medical issues. They will have general knowledge in personal injury, workers’ compensation and wrongful termination cases. Many RN’s work on medical malpractice law suits. Attorneys are not familiar with medical terms or how to read medical records like RN’s are; a LNC bridges the gap between the two. What does it take to become a Legal Nurse Consultant? Every LNC is a registered nurse first. They differ from Paralegals because a Legal Nurse Consultant deals only with medical related issues. A Paralegal will assist an attorney in drafting and filing briefs on behalf of the law firm while an LNC will only work within the scope of nursing. Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant allows a nurse to move from the clinical aspect of their job and explore an office environment. Many who are LNC’s have experience in medical issues that attorneys do not. Since medical lawsuits have risen in number over the past few years, a nurse who wants to work with a law firm and use their education and expertise must obtain a degree or certificate. Most educational programs are offered online. If you are going to further your education, make sure to pick a school that is favored by the medical association. There are several programs that are geared towards Legal Nurse Consulting or Forensic Nursing. What are the rewards of becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant? The career choice to work within the legal field is a plus, gone are the twelve hour days and or the night shift. Many law firms operate during business hours with attorneys burning the midnight oil. Health care is a growing field just as much as the legal arena. LNC’s are sought after because of their knowledge of medical terms, standards of care and they can prepare medical summaries for trial. Many who have extensive knowledge in a particular area can be used as an expert witness at trial. They are an asset to any firm that practices medical related law. How in demand are Legal Nurse Consultants? The demand for a LNC is growing because many attorneys who practice medical malpractice suits are limited on their knowledge of medical terms. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) is devoted to keeping LNC’s informed about job opportunities. They also help to distinguish the difference between Paralegals and Legal Nurse Consultants. An LNC might play the dual role in a smaller law firm, but a larger firm will use LNC’s to help with medical issues that a Paralegal or attorney doesn’t have experience in. LNC’s are held to a code of ethics just like a Para-professional or attorney. If you have been an RN for a few years and working with a law firm sounds like a challenging and rewarding career change for you, then do more research on the internet. All you need to do is visit websites that cover the career in more detail. Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the Resource Box should be included and the links are live links.

Facing a Driving Charge? Hire a Legal Consultant

Since the last couple of years, there are lots of cases emerging on drunk driving. More and more people are found drinking while they are intoxicated. This has brought a vigorous need for legal associates to handle the court charges with a legal approach. When a person is caught in the case of drunk driving, it is really a ridiculous thing to be done. When he gets stuck with a drunken driving charge, he has to spend a lot of money and time to get things worked out. However, when people get stuck in such cases, and you are called by the court with a drunk driving charge, you should get the expertise of a DUI Lawyer or DUI Attorneys. They can handle your case in a much better way. When the cops pull over any of the private vehicles, there is always a reason behind it. The drivers who break the traffic rules by over speeding, careless driving, or irregular driving have to go to court to face their charges. Police stations are full of drunk driving and careless driving cases. A great number of teenagers and young kids are often found with breaking the traffic rules. To overcome the situation, people hire legal officers who can handle the court charge in a legal perspective. When a person is caught in drunk driving charge, their reputation is spoiled and when they are found guilty they have to face some bad consequences. It is difficult for the family as well especially if you are a repeat offender. When cops pull over a car for some reason, the next thing they do is to test the appearing condition of the driver. They will ask the driver to get out of the car to observe how they walk and will conduct some verbal tests which include the smell of drugs, alcohol or any other substances they may find on the person. Some other things which the cops check for bloodshot eyes, dull conversation etc. This is how the cops are able to comprehend the complete state of the driver. The picture gets clear as the tests tell whether the person was indulged or not indulged in any drugs or intoxication. If the person is found guilty, the next is an appearance in the court room in front of a judge. Hiring a legal expert is definitely your best hope. He is the one who can reduce the trouble consequences as he knows how to handle the court situation in the right time. By hiring a legal professional you will have to spend some money but still it will save you from the court prosecution and from the bad impression on your work profile or career. A legal officer handles the situation in a less aggressive but in a wise manner. He works in the silence but with good end results. He knows how to fix the situation and with time he brings the court questioning into a justified conclusion for the client.